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The Connected and Autonomous Research Laboratory (CAR Lab) at the University of Delaware was founded in Detroit in 2017 by Professor Weisong Shi, an IEEE fellow and ACM Distinguished Scientist. The CAR Lab has become a world-renowned laboratory in the field of connected and autonomous driving, producing a series of results, including HydraOne, OpenVDAP, ICAT, and VPI,  to name a few. The lab maintains close ties with colleagues in academia and industry. Our research has been funded by internationally renowned companies such as arm, Autoware Foundation, GM, Meta, Tier-IV, Toyota, West Digital, etc. CAR Lab is a premium member of the Autoware Foundation. 

In partnership with our industry collaborators and community leaders, the CAR lab aims to design and implement enabling technologies, including real-time operating systems, edge computing, C-V2X, data analytics, and applications, a secure trusted execution environment, privacy-preserving models and tools, to realize the vision of connected and autonomous systems

In parallel to research, the CAR lab is committed to education and workforce development in the mobility industry, with diversity and inclusion in mind.  

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Vehicle Computing

Professor Weisong Shi gave a talk at the Ohio State University on the vision of Vehicle Computing on Oct. 20, 2023. 

VPI-enabled Autopark

AutoPark Demo using VPI (Vehicle Programming Interface)

Professor Weisong Shi was interviewed by Erik Sofge from MIT Horizon on the future of Edge Computing on Jan 26, 2022. 


Our team demonstrated our latest research and development at NAIAS 2022

Latest News 

Professor Weisong Shi and William He gave a tutorial on ICAT at AutoSens'24 in Detroit @May 21, 2024


    Hydra in Action

We designed and assembled the Hydra platform, supporting a variety of CAV-related research activities.

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