Autoware V2X

Our lab is co-leading the AutowareV2X project, and has successfully set up smart intersection devices to enhance real-world testing environments. We've incorporated scenarios involving walking pedestrians to simulate realistic urban traffic conditions. Autoware V2X project aims to innovate vehicular communication systems, focusing on improving safety and efficiency at urban intersections through vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications.

OpenAD Kit

We are also actively involved in the OpenAD Kit project, focusing on containerizing algorithms to facilitate rapid and timely updates. The OpenAD Kit project aims to democratize autonomous driving (AD) systems by enhancing integration between cloud and edge computing, thus bringing the best practices of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) development into real world. This approach significantly lowers the threshold for developing and deploying the related software stack, making it more accessible for broader adoption and innovation in the field of autonomous driving technology.